Life, but not as we know it


Hidden deeply within the steamy jungles of Easter Island, covered by decades of moss and rampant vegetation, a forgotten structure of steel and concrete lies dormant. Its overgrown concrete shapes, angular and robust, bring testament to its bygone purpose for it is within this abandoned research centre that a collection of hand-picked fringe scientists sought to unlock the key to creation and, indeed, the essence of life itself.

What caused the sudden abandonment and evacuation is unknown, though it is quite evident that all staff ceased their activity in the middle of their labours, leaving dormant suspension vats, antiquated computers and research notes scattered through the vacant halls. Although.. are they truly vacant?

Find out in Magitech Monsters!

  • Default Easter Island preloader
  • Introduction/New Features screen
  • 30 winlines
  • 5 reels by 4 high
  • Line Bet Max: 5
  • Wild act as a scatter
  • Clumped Symbols
  • Colossal Containers
  • Fully animated character symbols
  • Payout rate for clients 96%
  • BIG WIN animation