These chickens will do anything to avoid turning into a combo menu!


Set in the Nevada desert, Los Pollos is a cheerful slot with an unexpected twist: on this farm a revo- lution has started. From today onwards, the chick- ens are in control.

On this former farm, mad chickens scurry about, building a getaway vehicle. Players best brace themselves for a slot featuring rockets, UFOs, crash landings and outer space adventures. Help the chickens find their freedom and earn multipliers, cash prizes and many other features in the Freedom Spins game.

  • 30 Winlines
  • 5 by 3
  • Freedom Spins feature
  • Freedom Spins picking phase
  • Multipliers
  • Extra Free Games
  • Extra Wilds
  • Clumped Symbols
  • Cash prizes
  • 3 different endings for Freedom Spins